Neil Nitin Mukesh

Now here’s a young star who knows how to let a bespoke suit speak for itself. Neil, not only being a good actor, also seems to be a trendy dresser. We have to give him kudos for his simple suit and shirt but have to detract points for the oddly shaped shoes. They actually look painful!
Copyright: Bollywood Fashion Police

3 thoughts on “Neil Nitin Mukesh

  1. he’s quite handsome! what movies has he been in? I’m very much out of the loop these days with all these new stars. 😦


  2. Hey anonymous…so far he’s only had one release which was Johnny Gaddaar, which personally is a brilliant movie and a must watch, and more movies are on the way…I really like him both as an actor as well as well as a guy who dresses well, so definitely will watch his movies…he has good taste.


  3. Sona, I absolutely agree. Johnny Gaddar was one of THE best movies I’ve seen in a while, hindi movies-wise. I hope he makes some offbeat ones like that again.


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