Diana on L’Officiel


Unlike last month’s L’Officiel cover, this one does not have a namesake celebrity or star wife. Instead, it has an actual model on it (gasp!). Diana Penty, posing in a Dolce and Gabbana gown, is the brand ambassador for Maybelline India; she replaced Deepika in 2008.



10 thoughts on “Diana on L’Officiel

  1. Florecita, you can also check the time/date when my posts go up vs. theirs. But I hardly doubt that you are losing sleep over similar posts on not just my blogs but other blogs too, just like I am not losing sleep over anyone having the same opinions as I am.


  2. I doubt timestamps mean anything at all coz it really comes own tot he timezone one is posting from…

    Irrespective of that, everyone is entitled an opinion.


  3. Thanks Lakshmi and SS 🙂 No one is forced to read this blog after all! I’ll continue to post what I think.


  4. Hello sweetie, sweet website! I really appreciate this article.. I was wondering about this for a long time now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?


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