Teenybopper Look


The teenybopper look should be relegated to just that – teenyboppers. Neither does Katrina look good in this avatar, nor can she pull off looking like a tween. Granted, it is for her movie but no ones fooled into thinking that she could play a teenybopper in any movie, let alone in real life. Come on sweetie, start taking some movie roles that are more suited to your age.

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10 thoughts on “Teenybopper Look

  1. green dress.. not that bad, shoes coulda been better.. and for teh de dana dan outfit… tut tut… what is happening to u katrina????


  2. I’m not even going to dwell on the hideousness of the first picture in this post. It will just make my blood boil.
    Second picture: LOVE the colour of the dress, though the shininess of the fabric makes it appear cheap, plus it’s pretty short .
    Sink your teeth into something with substance, please.
    No, ‘New York’ does NOT count.


  3. No, BB, definitely not worth your time, especially when you could be using that time to dissect the hideous outfits our beloved Indian moviestars sometimes wear!


  4. BB – just as an aside, I’ve seen New York and it’s well worth a look (and not just because lovely John is in it :-)). I thought both Neil and Katrina were very good. Even my husband sat through it quite happily. xxx


  5. Venetia, LOL. My husband will only sit through Hindi movies if there are certain actresses in them, aka, Priyanka, Bipasha, and maybe Aishwarya. Otherwise, it’s a lost cause. Now I have my daughter to keep me company, albeit a reluctant audience 🙂


  6. BB – MY husband’s fave is Preity Zinta. But he DID sit through Dostana and laughed like a drain – although I’m sure Priyanka’s gold cozzie helped hugely – LOL!!!! xxxx


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