Event Appropriate?


There are some events where you just do not wear what these ladies wore. Case in point is an evening wedding reception where Rani came clothed head-to-toe in black (not acceptable at an Indian wedding!); Raveena came wearing a huge ‘look at my saggy boobs’ dress; Katrina came in a cream dress that would have been better suited for a Sunday lunch; and Kangana came wearing half a saree. Tsk tsk; there’s something to be said for proper etiquette and better yet, getting a stylist to help you choose event appropriate attire.

Thanks to Wiwi for the pictures!


4 thoughts on “Event Appropriate?

  1. what’s Katrina doing here, can someone plz tell theses ladies they are invited to a wedding. ridiculous outfits

    Rani: lot of talents, Zero still.
    Raveena: No surprise here, pretty lady, awful style
    Katrina: see her everywhere now. lady, plz stay home sometimes.or dress proparely for a wedding

    But the deal was kangana, she looks like just finishing her shift for cocobana bar.


  2. Katrina, ffs! You are young, wealthy, beautiful, talentless and yet are still featured in a ridiculous number of movies a year.
    Why are you so glum? Why can’t you afford nice clothes?


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