Touching Down in Mumbai

Touching down in Mumbai, their first stop, Michelle Obama wore a knee-length, grey dress that perhaps was a subtle nod to the Indian kurti. While I like how she keeps it very appropriate to the country, culture, and occassion, I am disappointed by the choice of color, which is dull and washes her out. Something a little brighter would have been a nice change, however, we still have a few more days to see her sartorial choices in India.

Update: She did wear the somber dress as a tribute to the victims of the Mumbai bombing. So kudos.

Here are some other pictures of Michelle at a local kids’ school and at Humayun’s tomb in New Delhi.


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3 thoughts on “Touching Down in Mumbai

  1. I agree on the colour, BB. Although, didn’t they go straight to the Taj Hotel and pay tribute to the victims who died there? Maybe in view of that, a brighter colour was considered inappropriate?


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