At the Awards


It’s always refreshing to see our Bollywood starlets in sarees or traditional Indian garb.  At the recent Dada Saheb Phalke Awards, seen were Rani, Priyanka and Anuskha in sarees, while Sonakshi opted for a anarkali.  Whose look did you like the best (and the least)? 

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4 thoughts on “At the Awards

  1. I really don’t like priyankas style at all, she always makes her clothes look cheap and trashy


  2. Gotta agree… PC has a tendency to make any clothes look a little cheap… this appearance is no different.

    My favourite would have to be Rani and Anushka, although not a fan of the latter’s hair, very filmy.


  3. Personally I don’t mind any of the saree’s. They’re all pretty, but nothing exceptional about either of them. The anarkhali would have been pretty had it not been as long as it is. even a few centimeters less would have been approvable.


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