Ash at Cannes


The much anticipated appearance of Aishwarya at the 64th Cannes International Film Festival left me feeling…dull.  Just like her dress.  The color reminded me of day-old oatmeal and the cut was not so figure-flattering.  With a peplum waist, it only highlighted Aishwarya’s hourglass figure, and not in a good way.  You have to be stick straight like the model to wear this gown.  As for the rest of the ensemble, I liked Ash’s hair and makeup, as well as her Jimmy Choo clutch.


3 thoughts on “Ash at Cannes

  1. I agree with the lackluster color – but I like the shape of the dress on her. It’s something she looks comfortable and confident in – which is important. Last year she was wearing this tight dresses that showed bumps and lumps and was visibly uncomfortable.


  2. I actually like this dress, as opposed to the Armani one she wore. Make up on this was is very amateur-ish however.


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