Sonam at Cannes

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The much anticipated and hotly awaited appearance of Sonam at Cannes, and here it is.  Sonam wore a Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2009 Couture gown.  Did she live up to her fashionista name or did she disappoint?  She walked the carpet with fellow asian actress Fan Bing Bing (she in a Atelier Versace Spring 2011 gown).  Which fashionista stole the show?  You be the judge.


12 thoughts on “Sonam at Cannes

  1. Hmmm….I think Sonam could have done something better for her reputation as fashion icon of bollywood; something out of the Chanel couture line of 2012 would have been more effective. However, it is not so bad that one would call it a faux pas. In my opinion, a chic sari (Priyanka’s desi girl version) would represent india and their industry better.


  2. nthing wrong with sonam’s appearance..but just a lill’ BLAH..cmon..where’s d colour?!..nd wats with one long sleeves..making her look like sm behenji!! could have been better but nice try!!


  3. Definitely not sonam. the other girl’s dress is beautiful, and she looks way better.

    sonam is trying to be too edgy, and got lost in the edginess


  4. Call me old fashioned but I defs do not like all these awkwardly shaped dresses we;ve been seeing a lot of lately. I love both designers, but I will have to go with Fan’s dress. Sonam did however stick to her “fashionista” perception, unfortunately I dont favour the dress too much. Her make-up and her are gorgee though!


  5. a disaster. that’s what u get when trying to hard.

    Ps : what is she doing in cannes , the same question to mallika and ash they are not part in in movie


  6. Lolita, Ash and Sonam are L’Oreal spokepersons but Mallika, um, I have no idea why she’s there!


  7. Common BB give credit where credit is due. She is rocking the dress. I think she looks very edgy. Maybe you are getting a lil old 😉


  8. Techdumb, I AM old. LOL! Or at least feel it, with lack of sleep and two kids now. 🙂


  9. Hey you are not supposed to agree with that. You will be forever young coz u r young at heart 🙂


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