White Sheets

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Wonder why this look reminds me of white bedsheets?  Oh wait, ‘coz it is one giant sheet wrapped up in a designer label!  The only thing going for this look are the gorgeous Chopard jewels.  Now if anyone actually loves Sonam’s gown, it’s by ‘The Row’; hurry, quantities are limited!  She’s also carrying a Leiber clutch and is wearing Ferragamo shoes.


6 thoughts on “White Sheets

  1. this woman need a slap in the ass for calling herself fashonista, my granny has better style. white and turquiose is a worn out combination in cannes now. Andrea no more of sonam plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Ps: someone steals the bronzer from her she is abusing it


  2. What is wrong with her? Why hide that body under the sheet? She’s young, she’s tall, she’s skinny…there is no need to wear such a sad silhouette.


  3. Sonam looks like a member of the KKK in white ‘designer’ bed sheet.

    But it is her face that looks terrible – bad makeup especially the hideous orange lipstickand tired skin.


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