Deja Vu


Seen yesterday at the Cavalli boutique opening in Cannes, Sonam looked a heck of a lot better than we’ve seen her at Cannes thus far.  She wore a Roberto Cavalli dress that is tons better than her white sheet but it is still a little boxy for my tastes.  Now there are some critics who say that Sonam has no personal style and furthermore, that she copies Hollywood style-setters to a tee.  I hate to add to that but I get a sense of deja vu.  Click below to see what I mean.

The very same gown was worn by Heidi Klum last year to Roberto Cavalli’s 40th Anniversary Bash. 


6 thoughts on “Deja Vu

  1. i think we have agreed 50 years ago tha this woman has no style but a lot of money. well i wish God almightly would gift me some of it, i would do good, even great


  2. Hahaha ! I love the first response! sooo funny.
    It is true that she has no style and yet she is so boastful and says that everyone else in Bollywood could take style tips from HER….. the balls…Go check out her interview with Karan on KwK…..its embaressing to say we’re from the same country !


  3. I agree with Sal(SS) on this matter – wearing the same gown as someone else does not mean you’re copying their style! Sonam and Heidi have worn the same dress but very differently. And okay, if Sonam is a copycat, as you deem her to be, who exactly is she copying? Her Jean Paul Gaultier dress, or what she wore to the Chopard party – were those looks copies of someone else? If they were, please do enlighten me.

    I love your blog, and you have your individual opinion which is fine, it’s a free world (nearly) but on this issue, I have to disagree!



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