Deepika on Verve

After Sonam’s minimal Marie Claire cover, here’s another simple yet stunning cover from Verve with Deepika on it.  Which is your favorite?


6 thoughts on “Deepika on Verve

  1. that’s striking cover love the strong effect. but is she photoshoped cos no body is that gorgeous; no way she looks ordinary in normal photos


  2. ^^ wiwi: there is ALWAYS, no matter what they may say, some amount of photoshop on magazine covers. Regardless, she is a gorgeous girl and doesn’t require it. I’m not going crazy over this cover…. I like the styling but everything else seems just above average, and I’m one looking for what’s far beyond average.


  3. I always think Deepika is a better model than an actress. Sonam is also the same. Both give great covers, but sad movies.


  4. I quite like the ‘warrior woman’ look on her. Very cool.

    I met Deepika a couple of times in April when she was shooting in London. I have to say she is VERY striking. Tall, with a beautiful and proportioned figure, abundant hair and huge HUGE eyes. She was also very polite and pleasant to me, but then I AM old enough to be her mum – LOL!


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