Stylist Stat!

If there are enough badly dressed Bollywood starlets out there, there are equally badly dressed Bollywood leading men to boot.  Case in point, rolling-in-dough-but-no-money-to-spare-for-a-stylist-Abhishek.  I mean, c’mon, what IS this outfit, if you can even call it that?!  Surely, he had a mirror at home or at least someone with the good sense to disuade him from wearing this?  Well if not, Abhishek definitely needs a stylist and stat!


2 thoughts on “Stylist Stat!

  1. LOLOL…. boy has no style…and when being married to Ash, he ought to carry himself with some pride…. years ago, his signature style was wearing a head-band…yes, a head-band. This is ions better, but still bad haha!


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