Bejeweled Stars


Waking up first thing in the morning to some lovely gowns and jewels is my idea of starting of the day well.  (What can I say, I love fashion!)  Both Hilary Swank and Shilpa look fabbbbulous at the IIFA but Shilpa takes the lead because of her jaw-droppingly pretty necklace.  Me like!  As for the men, did they call each other up the night before to plan what they were going to wear?  No matters ‘coz both Anil and Shilpa’s hubby Raj Kundra look dapper too.


4 thoughts on “Bejeweled Stars

  1. I much prefer Hilary’s Elie Saab gown… soo stunning. I like Shilpa’s dress and clutch, and jewelry… seperately….together, its just too much. She needs to learn how to accesorize. With an already blingy outit, I would have opted for a demure ring/other hand jewelry or earings, and if she had to choose a necklace, something less flashy would have gone with this particular dress.


  2. He said that both he and Shilpa have a lot.of things to do and they are extremely busy in planning all that..Well no matter how busy Kundra gets we hope hell find time for.Shilpas Lamborghini!.Lamborghini is their common choice..Now Shilpa is one lucky girl for sure!.


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