Blenders Pride Fashion Tour – Part 1

The Blenders Pride Fashion Tour is soon to kick off with fashion shows in six (6) cities in India but first, they announced the lineup of designers in Mumbai.  Blenders Pride introduced the 13 designers who will showcase their collections in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chandigarh.  How I wish I was back in Bangalore (my hometown) to see the show!  Since I can’t see it in person, I was happy to receive these pictures of the designers and their muses, thanks to Neha from Clea!

Part 1 below showcases designer Anand Kabra with his muse Neha; Asmita Marwa with her muse Shriya; Gavin Miguel with muse Lisa Haydon; and Mandira Wirk with muse Malaika.  Of the four, I gotta say that I like Lisa’s outfit the best and Neha’s the least.

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One thought on “Blenders Pride Fashion Tour – Part 1

  1. I totally agree…… this designer has always been low key and somehow he stuns everyone and makes us gasp at what he does…his originality is profound…..high respect for him, inspite not being so into the fashion weeks.


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