Stuck in Reverse


It takes more than just a million dollar smile and acting chops to make a fashionista.  Alas, it hasn’t yet (and perhaps never) happened to Madhuri who seems stuck in her ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun‘ days with the same hairstyle and fashions.  How I wish to see Ms. Nene in something a bit more modern!

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11 thoughts on “Stuck in Reverse

  1. No no noooo! she looks really goood! not everyone looks good in western. she looks great in traditional wear and its gross when people like sridevi dress inapprpriately for her age. so i commend madhuri for staying true to herself and being classy. her anarkhalis look good so i dont get whats so bad about them


  2. this big lemon hair phony needs to get a life and quit talking about other peoples looks she makin fun of peoples boyfriends clothing and people that r skinner than her i dont think any of them would be runnuin there mouths how ugly they looked on there so she better grow up and i dont think the audience would be laughin if that was them up there on that screen niether .about that big fat blondy with the messed up pony tail , someday ill be talkin about her up there “look at this fat ass laughing like a honk honk” shes fatter than the people on the screen for god sakes


  3. well BB is right , a famous actress or not the woman has no sense of style , terrible taste in clothes and i don’t care if she is madhuri she is no God after all and it’s a shame that u ar a star and can’t hire at least a stylist.


  4. yeh BB i don”t know why some ppl get angry when u criticize some stars like ash kareena and katrina, they are human they eat and shit and they make terrible fashion mistakes and d block is called fashion police so get over it folks


  5. Some people are consistent with the way they dress, like Rekha.I really love those anarkalis for an occassion.May be we just get tired of seeing the same kinda cut, siloutte and all. dat was my two cents.:)


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