Not Mad for Mads

While I hate to rag on Mads, I have to as an unbiased blogger and state that yesteryear’s Madhuri looks a little worn out, and still holding on to the fashions from her glory days, including that hair.  Mon dieu!  Is she going to be playing the ‘mother’ role here on out ‘coz she certainly won’t be able to compete for leading lady status.  What do you think readers, is there anything that can be changed about this look and her hairstyle to bring her to more current times?

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4 thoughts on “Not Mad for Mads

  1. With all due respect, BB, you are young and with-it. I, being a woman of more mature years, can tell you that it is VERY easy to fall out of fashion as you get older!

    Time and again, you will see the older woman sticking to the fashion/hairstyle of her glory days. (Look at how many Western women you see in their 50s and 60s still doing the 80s power-dressing!) Admittedly, Madhuri has the money to employ a stylist, but clearly hasn’t. And people close to her are unlikely to tell her. So she’s probably blissfully unaware!

    I had the same hairstyle for YEARS until my young hairdresser tentatively asked to me in the salon one day if she could cut my fringe a little differently “to make it more modern”. Well, I was HORRIFIED that I’d become so stuck in a rut. So I allowed her to do it.

    I have to say, I didn’t care for it much but, of course, my friends and husband all said, “wow, that’s so much BETTTER!” Hahhaha!

    So please, ease up on the older gals. We’re all terrified of looking like mutton dressed as lamb as it is!!! 🙂


  2. Venetia dahling, I always imagined you in the chicest of ensembles, neat chignon or elegantly cropped hair, typing up your latest novel with a cup of cappucino nearby. I do understand what you mean, getting stuck in a rut, and it’s not just the ‘old’ women. It happens to all of us, me with my go-to ponytail ‘coz I’m too lazy most days to straighten my hair. However, thankfully none of us are in the public eye and even if our hairstyles are stuck in a rut, I think our clothes are at least classic or up to trends. I don’t expect Mads to go all trendy on us but I think she should at least stick to classic silhouettes, sarees and Indian attire so as not to look so dated. And a simple shoulder-length bob would look so much chicer, don’t you think?


  3. Wow BB – I LOVE your imagining of me! I can never shatter that illusion now. 🙂

    I take your point about Mads. She has SUCH a beautiful face that a new chic hairdo could only compliment her. And I don’t care for those ‘cap sleeve’ saree blouses she seems to favour. just getting rid of THOSE would be an improvement.


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