Easy Being Green


It’s not easy wearing green on a red carpet, but leave it to Freida to pull it off.  She wore an asymmetrically-cut gown by Juan Carlos Obando with crisscrossed straps, paired with nude Brian Atwood pumps and a short stack of bracelets.  I personally would not have picked that gown or those ‘friendship’ bracelets but the lady pulls it off; its the perfect simple but bright dress for a summer premiere.  What say you?


5 thoughts on “Easy Being Green

  1. Sorry to say but I think you are obsessed with Freida. The dress looks tacky and the make-up terrible!


  2. I didn’t realize that phrase was ‘fobby’. What exactly is ‘fobby’? Who decides who is deemed fresh off the boat? At one point, your grandparents or parents or ancestors were also fresh off the boat, so why is that such a bad term? Not that it matters, but I’ve lived in the US for most of my life but I will proudly call myself a fobby Indian, whatever that means! Anyhow, thanks for the comment.


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