Fresh in White


Wearing a white Calvin Klein collection dress, paired with blue heels and a Chanel bag, Freida looked as fresh as washed linens.  I can’t say the same about the look she wore to the ‘Daily Show‘.  Click below to see what I mean.

She’s wearing a green Roland Mouret top and skirt, which looks like it was crumpled just for the sake of being ‘different’.  I don’t know about you, but I personally like to walk out NOT looking like I have my dress accidentally hiked into my underwear.  She’s also wearing Nicholas Kirkwood’s lizard sandals.

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4 thoughts on “Fresh in White

  1. Oh my god you are so spot on about her Daily Show dress. How can someone go from a gorgeous fashion decision like that Calvin Klein dress with those bold shoes to some weird mustard-yellow sort of romper? I do love those sandals though…


  2. I actually love the RM dress. Cant understand what you are talking about. I saw some other pictures and she looks so gorgeous! Dislike the sandals though!


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