After having just seen Malaika looking drop-dead gorgeous, it’s a disappointment to see her back to her old ways in the teeny Alice + Olivia metallic shorts, which is bunched up in all the wrong places.  The white shirt is not doing her any favors either, making her look a tad pregnant, which we know is not the case at all as evidenced in yesterday’s red gown

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4 thoughts on “Do-Over!

  1. lol thats your opinion, but I think she looks fine. its a very acceptable casual look. if this is what you call “teeny” shorts, you may not get out much.


  2. Any shorter than this and her butt-cheeks would be hanging out. So yeah, this is still a tad short.


  3. Sorry, but i would have to disagree too. I actually think this is a great casual look. The woman’s got legs, so she looks amazing 🙂

    First time visitor and you blog is quite entertaining!


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