Birthday Bash

Badly dressed attendants to a birthday bash is something new.  Usually, you’d want to wear your best, get your hair did, and the war paint (makeup) on to camouflage those dark circles, but alas, these ladies did not hit the mark.  Sophie wore her trademark tight, can hardly breath dress, with Sergio Rossi slingback sandals and carrying a Bottega Veneta knot box clutch.  Suzanne didn’t look half bad in her Halston Heritage red dress but she went overboard with the brown belt, and the brown bag and the brown shoes.  Bobby’s wife Tanya on the other hand, went animalistic in a jumpsuit and an Alexander McQueen fringe skull box clutch.  The worst out of the bunch was a sad-looking Gauri in a boring red top and possibly, Shah Rukh’s pants.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Bash

  1. Sophie’s dress is definitely too tight. i think it would look cute if it didn’t hug her so much. In this lot, Suzanne’s look is not terrible.


  2. Sophie… way to leave much to the imagination
    Suzanne… too much going on and hate the hair
    Gauri… ewh
    Tanya… hate the hair but i’ll give you a pass ONLY COZ JUMPSUITS ARE IN THIS SUMMER


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