5 thoughts on “Droolworthy

  1. Love, love, LOVE my Johnny. Doesn’t he look WELL?!!

    Speaking of John – BB, I’m now blogging on WordPress too. My blog is a reaction to the horrendous hash bloody UTV made of John’s new website (explained in full on my blog). Members of the OLD site forum asked me to do my own, somewhere they could see all the daily John news, plus my artwork and stories (featuring John). Well, it’s been fun, and it was high time I did a website for my stuff. So I took the plunge. (Husband even played photographer and we did a session of pics of me for it. I styled myself – bright green nails!! I hope you approve. :-)) And, of course, I’ve mentioned your blog on my Blog Roll.

    The link is http://thequeensraft.wordpress.com/
    (The strange name is explained on there too.)

    Forgive me for the presumptuous plug. You know I love you madly!! 🙂


  2. Absolutely dahling! You can plug your blog anytime 🙂 I write this blog mainly for my friends like you, whom I’ve gotten to know via the blog!


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