Travel Style

I hardly look this good while traveling.  Heck, I hardly look this good on a bad day.  So kudos to Shilpa and Freida for traveling comfortably and in style, without resorting to sweatpants or tracksuits.  This got me thinking, what WOULD I wear if I were to travel, especially on a long plane ride?  I came up with the following outfit.  Instead of jeans or leggings, I opted for ponte knit pants, which provide the same comfort but has a bit more stretch than jeans and is not as thin as leggings.  I then opted for a polyester ‘silky’ top that has a bit of shine but won’t wrinkle during those long hours in the cabin.  For shoes, I opted for flats ‘coz who wears heels when traveling with two kids in tow!  Lastly, I threw on a cashmere shawl that can be bundled in the carry on and taken out when the flight gets too chilly.

Travel Style



5 thoughts on “Travel Style

  1. Great suggestions, BB. Very stylish.

    I confess I usually travel in loose cottons. If I’m going to a hot country, I find that light pyjama bottoms are fantastic for travelling in – so long as you don’t get a pair that look too ‘bed ready’ – like with teddies on them or something – hahahaha. Plain colours are ideal. Then I just throw a vest and loose shirt on top.


  2. Hi Vene dahling, thats a good suggestion also, just as long as the bottoms are not see-through white and like you said, doesn’t have girly motifs on it. I also love linen as its so lightweight and easy wear but the wrinkle factor deters me from wearing it for travel. I used to do leggings when I was skinnier but not anymore 😉 So, hopefully the ponte knit pants work as they do have a bit more weight.


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