The Queen’s Raft

For all John Abraham lovers out there, you must check out our fellow blogger Venetia’s lovely blog called ‘The Queen’s Raft‘.  I absolutely enjoyed reading all about Venetia meeting John in person.  I admired her personal illustrations of John and applauded Venetia’s talent.  I thoroughly loved the website’s clean interface and design.  Most of all though, I was excited to finally see a picture of Venetia (what a beautiful lady!).  Thanks Venetia dear for the lovely blog for fans of John!


2 thoughts on “The Queen’s Raft

  1. Oh WOW! What an accolade, BB. 🙂 I am overwhelmed! Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed your visit to The Raft, and liked the design as much as the content. And thanks for the compliment about the photos. Husband is quite the photographer isn’t he. 😉


  2. What a great blog; loves it! And you are so lucky re hubby Alan, as well as meeting John multiple times! One day I hope I meet Hrithik; I’d definitely bed him. LOL, naughty naughty me! J/K ofcourse (maybe). HAHAH


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