Sridevi on Marie Claire

Not sure how I missed this but we see someone new for a change on a magazine cover.  Well, new in the sense that it’s not the usual socialite or the Kareenas or the Deepikas.  Instead, it’s yesteryear’s beauty, Sridevi, who has age gracefully so I’m not sure why there was a need for so much photoshopping on this cover.  At least Madhuri’s Vogue cover wasn’t so badly photoshopped.  Click below to see it.


3 thoughts on “Sridevi on Marie Claire

  1. They look nice. On a side note, I saw Mad here in Denver and she didnt look anything like that ^. She looked quite normal with dark circles and orange hair.


  2. i know they are divas and my fav is sridevi but they were both wrongly styled , nothing original with the covers. but i am really gald no deepikas or sonams .real relief


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