Rising Hemlines


Temperatures may be dropping but the hemlines keep rising for Bipasha.  She wore a conservative Karen Millen dress a few days ago but the hemline creeped waaay up at the most recent sighting.  Hope the lady can sit in that one-shoulder, pleated number.

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5 thoughts on “Rising Hemlines

  1. Yuk! I saw pics of her sitting down on Pinkvilla. Very tacky.

    I can’t stand her anyway. Never could. You only have to surf the net to find dozens of interviews in which she graciously informs us lesser mortals how smart she is, how sexy she is, how fit she is, how she’s a fashion icon, blah, blah, BLAH. All stuff you should NEVER say about YOURSELF.

    Ghastly, conceited creature.


  2. SHe definitely has a nice body. She doesn’t look bad in short dresses either. However, IMHO, she should really stow away those short dresses for on-screen/on-stage performances only. Looks really cheap on the streets and party sets!


  3. Hahhaha – sorry BB, but she really irks me. Those ‘children lacing her shoes’ pics were bad enough but she was so arrogant and unapologetic about them. Then making all those sly digs at John on Twitter every chance she gets. (She knows he’s far too much of a gentleman to fight back.) A thoroughly cold, callous, manipulative piece of work. Urghhh!

    But it’s about the CLOTHES, so I’ll just reiterate – that tacky little number looks like a nightie and certainly not age appropriate. Cheap and SO not classy.


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