Dull as Dishwater


You know how the saying goes ‘dull as dishwater’?  Well, my thoughts exactly when it comes to this Halston Heritage maxi and granny cardigan worn by Sonam.  Strong opinion maybe but feel free to disagree.  Speaking of strong opinions, you the reader know that I speak my mind on this blog but I’ve noticed other so called fashion commentary blogs being inopinionated about the very subject they speak on.  More so even when it comes to a favored Bollywood star or two, who I suppose they don’t want to offend with too strong or even any negative opinion.  Instead they leave each post with a ‘reader makes the decision’, kind of like not bloodying their own hands.  How distasteful in my opinion.  What do you guys think about it?  Anyhow, jumping off soapbox now.  Let’s move on to more fashion 🙂

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