Cute Couples


Debonair dudes and lovely damsels descended upon the GQ awards, dressed to the nines.  Of the lot, these couples stood out to me – Prateika Babbar and Amy Jackson (appearing in the upcoming movie Ek Deewana Tha); Imran Khan and wifey Avantika; Sid Mallya and girlfriend Deepika; and last but not least, King Khan and queen bee Gauri.  They all looked lovely but of the men, I had to give it to Imran in his impeccably tailored tux!  Of the ladies, Gauri actually stood out the best.  Deepika could have done better had the dress been longer, the hair not so straggly at the ends and too high on the top, and the makeup not so ghostly.  Who was your choice for best couple?

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2 thoughts on “Cute Couples

  1. Wow guari actually looks better than the rest of the ladies! I’m kinda surprised. Deepika has been delivering quite a few eyesores of late. Disappointment.


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