Sonakshi in LV


Sonakshi went to Paris Fashion Week to take in the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 show.  Ofcourse, she wore head-to-toe LV also from the Fall 2011 collection, along with an LV bag.  If I could change one thing, ok a few things, I’d bring down the pouf of the hair a little, change out the bag to one of the handcuff clutches that Louis Vuitton showed last season (so seductive!) and swap out the Mary Jane shoes for something a bit unexpected instead.

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6 thoughts on “Sonakshi in LV

  1. Hey BB what is your opinion on her outfit>. I feel it makes her look quite burlesque. I dont know if thats a bad thing


  2. Nad, funny you say that ‘coz first thing I thought was ‘Dita Von Teese’ except Sonakshi just doesn’t have that oomph that Dita does. Then again she ain’t a stripper, I mean burlesque dancer, either!


  3. Is it just me or does that outfit combined with her hair make her look really top heavy and broad shouldered??


  4. I will recognize the attempt to try and do something different and be a bit out of the usual bollywood box which is full of long curls, tight ponytails, you know the list.


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