OMG!  (As my daughter would say!)  Readers, we just got recognized on DNA India’s website as being one of the fashion blogs to read.  I love what they wrote about us, i.e., that we don’t bow down to no one and tell it like it is.  Hurray!!  And a big THANK YOU to Fashion Newbie for alerting us about it!  If anything, her blog should be commended for being the best for noting what brands A-listers are wearing from H-to-T.  Thanks again dearest Fashion Newbie!  And congrats to all the readers for making this an unbiased but fun blog.  Thank you DNA India!


14 thoughts on “Press!

  1. Ladies, congrats to all of us! If the blog didn’t have any readers, then it might as well be dead air.


  2. I got married a few months ago n my sister was totally bling-ed out., in a good way. She went all out desi with churidars and pishwas, kurta salwars, and anarkalis. She didn’t go for lengha or sari as she was running around, dancing and being a good lil host. Um oh n I suggest getting ur clothes made by a local tailor back home, it’s gonna save you tons!


  3. Hi Nad, those are great suggestions, thanks much! For Sabya’s sarees, I’m going to need to win the lottery. LOL. Maybe I can find similar knockoffs….hmmmm….


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