Battle of the Sarees

To finish off our awards battles, we come to Kajol and Vidya, both in sarees, as expected.  While Kajol went with a white one with a paisley motif, Vidya went plain but in hot hot hot pink.  I love the color of Vidya’s saree and could just picture myself in a salwar in a similar color.  As for Kajol’s, it suits her but I think it makes her look a bit matronly.

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7 thoughts on “Battle of the Sarees

  1. I love Kajol’s saree – she looks cute! Vidya’s saree is nice, but she needs to wear more age-appropriate blouses!


  2. Loving Vidya in the hot pink. Hate that awful ‘cap sleeved’ blouse of Kajol’s.

    Welcome back, BB. Hope nothing awful was keeping you from us. xx


  3. Hi Venetia dahling, no nothing at all, just the kids 🙂 Hard to blog at night after putting the toddler to bed, who refuses to go to bed. OYVEI!


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