Rant and Rave

Since when did it become acceptable to wear jeans and throw on a black blazer and call it wedding-appropriate attire?  It’s a wedding, people!  The ONE time one should dress to the nines.  The guys who attended looked like they had just rolled out of bed, with the exception of a few.  (Aamir, just ‘coz you are superstar, doesn’t mean you get a pass and can dress like a college kid.  Dude, you PLAY them in movies, doesn’t mean you still are one!).  Ritesh stood out as being the best-dressed but even the guy in the shiny blue suit should get kudos for putting on a suit, even if it is reflective like aluminum foil.  As for the ladies, I can’t say that they fared any better.  Couldn’t they have at least worn something a little more figure flattering? I’m looking at you Sonakshi! That saree is tied so low that any lower, and we’d see more than virginal white!.  If not the clothes, then the shoes were also horrendous (argh, Amisha, barf).  And some of the women didn’t even bother with hair or makeup.  (C’mon Konkana, this ain’t no civic rally!  And Mehr, we get it, you are all natural, dusky beauty but a swipe of lipstick doesn’t hurt every once in a while!)  I hope this rant will wake up these wealthy denizens into buying some nicer wedding/party attire.

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