Travel Style

Readers, I’ve picked out what I’m going to wear on the plane on my upcoming trip to India!  A blue velour tracksuit and matching blue sandals.  You like?  Click below to see more.

JUST KIDDING!  LOL.  I wouldn’t be caught shamefaced wearing that getup even if it is comfy as all get out.  Instead, I purchased these items from Gilt, Hautelook, OldNavy and Talbots.

– Skinny jeans from

Floral top from Old Navy (no rule against a little bling!)

Basic black blazer from Hautelook (since it does get chilly on the plane)

Comfy ballet flats from Talbots (who knew!).

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13 thoughts on “Travel Style

  1. OMG… I almost had a breakdown when I read your post and was thinking of a polite way to say that the outfit is fugly…and the matching flipflops…omg… phew girl… :D :D

    so what shopping is planned for your trip?

  2. LOL! Nad, going for sister’s wedding that is planned there since we have large family there :) But its in May so won’t be for a while. Still, I can start planning my attire right? :) Shopping will be like totally last minute once I get there ‘coz I don’t have many days prior to the wedding :(

  3. Oh boy u had me there for a sec! That top btw is gorgggg!!
    I’m travellin on a 20 hr flight in a week. I have decided to put comfort ahead of style so I’d be wearing tights n a long tunic + cardigan n a scarf. I wana wear my uggs despite the ugliness as they r the comfiest shoes I have lol. But I ll pry wear flats :)

  4. Amina, tights and tunic plus cardi sounds relaxing but still chic. I’d wear the same thing too if I had skinnier legs! Yes, please do stick with flats though :) I’ll let you know how the top works out. Can you believe its from Old Navy!?

  5. Now I know not to pass by the clothes at old navy! I have only ever gotten their colorful inexpensive flip flops back in school days. Love how they carry every color in the world!

  6. ahahhah i have to admit you had me like everybody else and like Nad was fighting a way to say it was uglllaay in a polite way.
    Thank God you have faaar better style than that BB.
    Love your planned-out outfit btw! Especially the flats!

  7. Ladies, I was surprised too about OldNavy but they have a few gems hidden if you can find it. I definitely tend to get the little ones’ clothes from there since they are so inexpensive and they grow out of them so quickly.

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