Fashionable Four

So the guys must be ‘in character’, hence the t-shirt and jeans for their movie promotion.  Regardless, don’t they look guuud, especially John with his bulging biceps?  I do wish he had opted for something other than chappals though, same as Deepika, who’s wearing her tired old sparkly Payless shoes.  Nothing wrong with Payless, I shop there myself on occassion, but I tend not to wear the same damn shoes over and over again!  As for Chitrangada, gorgeous as always but those espadrilles were better suited for a more casual outfit.  Akshay is cute but meh in his outfit.


6 thoughts on “Fashionable Four

  1. John is plain beautiful, I think he looks great in anything. I did the same exact post on these 4 🙂


  2. I wore glittery jimmy choo pumps on my wedding n obv i love them! Dp here is ruining my obsession. Somebody break her heels! Puhleeezz.


  3. Well, I can tell you that Akshay IS wearing a T-shirt that he wears in the film but sadly John (had HE been in character) would’ve worn a three-piece suit, shirt and tie, as he plays an investment banker in the film. That T-shirt is John’s own and I’ve seen him in it loads of times. *sigh*

    I LOVE Chitra’s spangly skirt though. Have you seen the film yet, BB? She looks absolutely stunning in it (even though she’s not in it much). And John is fab of course. 😉


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