Runway to Reality

I don’t normally do a ‘runway to reality’ post on Hollywood stars being that this is a Bollywood blog, however, a gracious request from a reader prompted me to do this post.  Anu from Beauty Secrets Reviewed asked that I view her post on Beyonce and suggest some non-designer alternatives to emulate Beyonce’s style.  I particularly liked Beyonce’s maternity outfit, as well as her casual day outfit, so I thought I’d choose both of those and find some less pricier alternatives.  After all, we could all hope to look as glowing as she does when pregnant (I was huge and had acne, so that’s that) or when not pregnant.  I also like that she has a ‘normal’ body by Hollywood standards and is not reed-thin like most of the others.  So here are my picks for her maternity wear, reality version.

While Beyonce’s maternity dress is a little more dressy, the brown version I found from A Pea in a Pod is more casual but can also be dressed up with some gold chunky jewelry and gold wedges.  On an aside, do all pregnant women pose the same way?

Now for Beyonce’s casual style, I’m sure her outfit costs in the 4 digits per piece, but I kept mine to under $100 per piece.  For the red jacket, I chose a Forever21 3/4 sleeve blazer for $29.80 and a split collar woven top for $18.90; a chiffon leopard print scarf from ModCloth for $24.99; and a pair of 1969 Always Skinny Jeans from Gap for $69.95.

So, what do you guys think?  Like the picks?


2 thoughts on “Runway to Reality

  1. hey great suggestions. The scarf is amazingly so similar except for the color.
    And LOL never seen a pregnant woman POSE, we stand pushing the tummy out and spreading the legs a little wider to balance the weight and hope not to fall. I kinda posed like that when I had the back pain all the time though 🙂


  2. Anu, glad you like! I used to wear sky high heels with the first pregnancy up until the last trimester. And then I couldn’t walk anymore without my back hurting. Learnt my lesson. Only wore flats with the second pregnancy 😉


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