Hrithik on People

It’s about time!  I voted Hrithik the sexiest man alive in Bollywood eons ago.  Glad people are finally recognizing it.  Oh those eyes!  (swoon)


8 thoughts on “Hrithik on People

  1. LOL! Jessica, I would have said that also, except didn’t want to get the hubby jealous. Hehehe (Although yes, Hrithik is THE sexiest man on the planet, in my book).


  2. Venetia, John’s a close second 😉 Wiwi, Dharmendra is the old-school gentleman, he’ll always hold a special place just like Rajiv Khanna who I used to grow up watching. And Amitabh in his angry young man days. And Shammi Kapoor (yaaaaahoooooooo!!!). LOL


  3. lol he has the same mouth expression of kareena these ppl are fake i love the old school better. they are handsome effortlesselly. dharmendra is a greelk God


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