WTF is this?  Going to midnight mass in what looks like a clubbing outfit?  Leather pants should be relegated to the party events or to the S&M parties that these two sisters invariably attend.  And strapless dresses with full on makeup are for, again, a party, not to a religious event.  Certainly not to midnight mass to celebrate Christmas.  I doubt these three hussys would wear their outfits to the mandhir or to the mosque so some respect should have been shown while attending church.  Disgusting!  At least the Kapoor sisters are fully clothed!


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7 thoughts on “Sacrilegious!

  1. Yeah it really looks like they’re about to hit the club, I don’t get why they’re wearing these clothes. Atleast the Kapoor sisters look decent.


  2. Exact same feeling when I stumbled upon pictures on Pink Villa BB. So disrespectful and I completely agree, if they know how to dress while going to the Mandhir and Mosque, a fraction of respect should be given to Church. People think Christians have no class and morals, but in reality, one must ALWAYS dress in an appropriate manner to Church, like goodness youd think they had some common sense!

    Btw, BB I was wondering, do you understand why Bipasha is going to midnight masss? Im confused, not that there is anything wrong in her attending, but does she have any connection to Christianity? Or is she just attending because it’s Christmas?

    Merry Christmas to y’all btw 🙂


  3. I feel like these ladies are just attending to get the shutterbugs going, and not for actual mass. Jessica, I don’t think people think that of all Christians or any religion for that matter. Either way, its terribly disappointing to see how these women are dressed to attend any religious event, whether it be Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Catholic.


  4. ok Bips went like that …coz she went to attend another party right after attending this…I htink its jacky bhagnani’s birthday bash…may b she dint wanted to waste time in going back home n changing….but i dont understand why malaika n amrita did that …


  5. Usha, understandable to dress like that to a birthday party but she definitely could have changed before attending mass, even in the car!


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