More Wedding Prep

Now that I’ve shown you my day dress (i.e., the matron of honor dress), I also have to shop for pre-wedding parties, the day of wedding luncheon, and then the evening reception.  While I can’t really buy anything just yet and must wait till I get to India, I have been browsing online for inspiration.  Check out the outfits below that have caught my eye.  I do hope I can find similar pieces when I get there!


9 thoughts on “More Wedding Prep

  1. Thank you so much. Glad to hear you like these styles. I am a Pakistani and as this is the current trend there, I have been wearing quite a bit of this when doing traditional. They look very elegant.


  2. Maria B and Umar Sayeed would definitely be very expensive. But you can get stuff that is equally good from a regular Pakistani boutique for anywhere between $150-$300.


  3. I did a whole lot of shopping in pk recently n honestly I’m disappointed with Maria b outfits I got. They re good for one time wear only, esp the casual/ semi formals. I washed three outfits n cotton tunics n they look horrible after a single wash! Formals fared a lot better but I wish I hadn’t spent twice the money on the originals when I could’ve paid somebody half the price for a decent copy.


  4. Amina, if you don’t mind me asking, how much did you spend on a formal Maria B outfit in pak rupees. A relative of mine is travelling there and I was wondering if I can afford to ask them to bring one for me. Thanks!


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