Off the Cuff

I may have mentioned it in passing before but pretty big event happening in our family this year.  My one and only little sister is getting married in May.  Exciting!  So we’ve been busy planning, coordinating, prepping for the event, which will be in India since the majority of our families (her fiance’s included) live there.  It will be a blast and I’m so looking forward to it!  Secretly though, just between you and me, I’m really looking forward to the pre-wedding shopping.

Most of our shopping will be done in India once I get there but since we are Catholic, we did have to order bridesmaid gowns from here.  I’m going to be her matron of honor (I’m an old married maid now I guess, yuck) along with her other bridesmaids.  So thought I’d give you guys a sneak peek of my dress, chosen my sister dearest.  I’m in love with it, especially since it camoflages the tummy area that still hasn’t gone back to pre-pregnancy form (and probably never will, sigh!).

So this is my dress, ordered and to be delivered in about 8 weeks (I’m hoping I’ll have magically lost more weight by then).  Although the color shown here is bronze, my sister chose a coral color.  Can’t wait to see it!  The rest of the bridesmaids are wearing the style in black (on the right), but also in a coral color.


3 thoughts on “Off the Cuff

  1. Love it! I just got back from a month long trip from the homeland for my sil’s wedding. It was so much fun, esp the shopping! My advice– don’t forget to take NyQuil n pepto bismol!


  2. You’ll look DIVINE, BB!! Coral is a gorgeous colour.

    And while I’m sure you don’t need to lose any weight – here’s a tip to shift a little without trying too hard – although it may not be practical for a married mum… swap your lunch and dinner around so you’re eating the bulk of your calories in the middle of the day. OR have dinner BEFORE 6pm and then eat nothing more before bed. The metabolism slows down dramatically in the evening apparently.


  3. Hi Amina, I used to live in India so very much used to my lovely wonderful country 🙂 Even hubby, who’s not Indian, loves it (thank goodness!). Only worried about the kids health with all the travel we’ll be doing (visiting family, wedding, etc). Hopefully they’ll be ok. Am not in the least bit worried about the food though ‘coz have indoctrinated both little ones to spicy food (even my 9 month old loves rice and dal. LOL).
    Venetia dahling, thanks so much for the tip! I really shouldn’t eat at all. (sigh)


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