Off the Cuff

I’ve been mentally redoing and redecorating my closet, in hopes that one day I’ll actually have the time to implement all my plans.  In my minds eye, I see tons of fashion-y paintings on my wall, as inspiration for those days when I feel I have nothing to wear.  So I’ve been collecting some lovely watercolor paintings and during my search, I stumbled upon illustrator Cate Parr on Etsy.  Absolutely love her work and I especially loved these two darling little watercolor prints of Indian brides.  Now I just have to bite the bullet and purchase them 🙂

Image Source


5 thoughts on “Off the Cuff

  1. Wow it’s soo pretty n wuite intricate. Personally I don’t much like the idea of buying artwork for my home. All the stuff I have hanging around is done by either me, my mom, or sister. Most is black n white with some color thrown in here n there. This is inspiring though.


  2. Personally I’m a bit like Amina. The artwork I have hanging at home is mine. But these are so delicate and pretty and soothing to look at. I can see their appeal.


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