Gown Brigade

If it weren’t sarees, then it was gowns at the Filmfare awards.  Who looked the best and worst?  Personally, while I love Chitrangada, I thought her gown looked like discarded wrapping paper, and even though Asin’s gown is a Stella McCartney, it is still awful.  My votes go to Sophie and Bipasha.

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4 thoughts on “Gown Brigade

  1. Sorry, but I think Bipasha’s dress is just horrendous on every level. And I adore Chitra, but that big bow around the waist kills that dress for me. 😦


  2. Sophie looks stunning! The rest not working at all for me. Dont like chitrangadas hair.. Asin is lost in hers and Bipasha’s looks a bit tacky


  3. Only Sophie ozzzzzed the oomph of vintage. Bipasha’s look was can’t pin-point wat wrong but smthng really wrong 😛 ..Chitragandha though beautiful, lost it at hair …and Asin..be it sm big fat major brand, but to me her gown was like big stuffed blanket 😛


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