Mom’s Closet

Shopping once again in her Mummy’s closet, Sonam looks like how kids usually do – cute but dressed in laughable clothes.

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5 thoughts on “Mom’s Closet

  1. Was looking for a good and interesting bollywood fashion blog found urs and all u do is hate on sonam u so know ur jeolous wat happened cant afford the clothes sonam has. she looks beautiful and classy.She ha a very classy vintage vibe and its know u wished u look like her too bad u dont ugly.haha


  2. I kinda like what she’s wearing. I wish the blouse was a solid black otherwise I quite like it.

    Anita- woah girl, don’t be hatin! Chillax.


  3. Arina, woah lady, chill, like Amina said. This is a FASHION blog. I don’t hate Sonam or any celebs I feature on here. I hate their styles but not them personally. Heck, I don’t even know these people personally to hate them! You don’t even know me and you want to hate, alright that’s your prerogative. Don’t read the blog, simple as that. Ciao!


  4. hey bb i think that we as humans cant just be 100% objective in our views.. i dont think that u hate sonam but guess she is not one of ur favs too (like frieda)..
    poor arina is just an ardent fan of sonam like me.. peace guys


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