Travel Style

As promised (but delayed, sorry), here is what I wore during my flight to India.  Black Minnie stretch twill pants from JCrew; a Chambray shirt from OldNavy; and black flats from Talbots.  Why did I choose this?  Comfort, comfort, comfort!  And style (no ‘Juicy’ sweatsuits for me).  The pants are versatile, hides stains caused by the kids.  The shirt is surprisingly versatile, if you haven’t got a chambray shirt, get thee to an OldNavy stat.  The flats are chic but again comfortable enough to chase after a wriggling one year old.  I also took a red pashmina with me just in case.  I opted for no jewelry since going through airport security would be that much harder.  So, go ahead, critique me; after all, I do it to others anyways, so your constructive feedback is always accepted 🙂

Signing off from India!


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