Some critics called Mallika’s backless gown ‘subdued’.  I’d call it washed out instead.  It certainly does nothing for her complexion, and even though it hugs her in all the right places, going backless and sideless is a fashion disaster.  Compared to that, I found her Victoria Beckham sheath to be classier, although again the color could have been better.  On an aside, what is she doing at Cannes anyways??


6 thoughts on “Subdued?

  1. Oh My God!! Where were u lost…i used to log on to yr site everyday for updates….but to no avail…anyway,Welcome back and i enjoyed your recent post..Now plz don’t get lost. Regards from Nepal:)


  2. Hi Nikki, sorry for not posting in a while. I was on vacation and got very very busy with sister’s wedding and traveling visiting family. Should be more regular posts now that I’m back. Thanks for reading!


  3. Thank u so much for responding and let me tell u that your fashion blog has helped me immensely when it comes to style and dressing up…There are times when i can’t thank u enough for sharing such insightful thoughts on clothes and accessories and how to put then together:) well, keep up the good work and keep us updated. Good Luk with everything.Love from Nepal:)


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