Much anticipated, much awaited appearance by Sonam at Cannes was much disappointing, at least to moi.  I expected couture, which she gave us (in Alexander McQueen).  However, McQueen can really only be worn by someone with more panache (Cate Blanchett comes to mind, see below in McQueen at the MET gala) but in particular, this gothic style dress was more suited to someone like Rooney Mara (brooding, dark, ethereal).

That being said, I did like Sonam’s remainder of two appearances; click below to see which ones.

The red Dolce and Gabbana was cute and highlighted her figure perfectly, while her photocall outfit was fun and youthful.


3 thoughts on “Gothic?

  1. I don’t know why, but I feel the make up and the fake-ish smile let her down. A little toned down and better hair, might have worked


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