Maxi Not!

When I think maxis, I think easy, breezy, flowing.  Not weirdly shaped, curvy but straight down, and certainly not something that has two stripes (lace) at the widest part of my body.  Even with Priyanka’s enviable figure, this maxi is not cutting it.  Her fake contacts are also hideous.  Seriously!

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3 thoughts on “Maxi Not!

  1. I loved priyanka in this maxi, a complete departure from what she is usually seen wearing….thinking of getting myself one too..when i first saw it i didn’t quite like the stripes as well but later on felt it wasn’t that bad either…personal view:)


  2. initially, i hated everything about her, from looks to what she wore, but now, i am kind die hearted fan of hers, she has some spark in her, which enlightens whatever she do and wear, this dress is a perfect example for that, she carries this dess so gracefully and she looks stunniin in this, but personally i would never choose a maxi dress with a wierd lace in the centre of my body..!!:)


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