Didn’t think anyone could pull off upstaging Bipasha and her barely there ‘saree’ but Shriya’s done it.  In my opinion, this is tackier than Bipasha’s barely there act.  Shriya’s bustier looks like its about to fall any second.  But what gets my goat are those awful wedge sandals on her feet.  That and the fact that this saree looks like the cheapest thing she bought off the rack.  If you are going to go nude, at least look like an expensive callgirl, not a two bit hooker (no offense to hookers anywhere)!

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3 thoughts on “Tacktastic!

  1. I totally agree its tacky and less fashionable. But i think calling somebody a hooker…on a blog no less…isn’t very classy either. We all can criticise without bordering on slurs.


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