Looking Good

Face/neck up, she’s her gorgeous self. And while I understand she’s trying to dress for her body type post-pregnancy, such a voluminous outfit adds a few extra unwanted pounds.  Still, looking good mama!

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3 thoughts on “Looking Good

  1. I have been meaning to tell you that I very much enjoy your fashion blog. I would also like to inform you that, I think its great that you are posting Ashs pictures. I think she looks great now. I am a fan of her now. For some reason her personality is showing more now then ever. I have never liked her movies and still don’t but I have become such a big fan of her and looking forward to seeing her pix and her outfit. I am glad that she is not letting all the negativity getting to her and making appearances. I am enjoying her positive message to many women who can relate to her and all the body images. I would love to see more of her pix and how she is embracing her new self.


  2. Personally I would’ve chosen an outfit that had the light portion on the top and the dark portion on the bottom – that would’ve brought the focus back to her lovely face. She’s SUCH a beauty though. I’ve always liked her.


  3. Love these two! So much! and if you notice, Ash is losing weight, not that it matters, she is beautiful regardless. But for those who care, she is losing weight, my only proof be that compare pictures from this event to Cannes. Her face is almost back to normal here as opposed to the chubbiness we saw in her face and neck a couple weeks ago.


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