What’s Off?

What isn’t off about this duo’s outfit?  For starters, Akshay’s starting to look like a sleazy producer.  Maybe its the cheap silk shirt.  Sonakshi’s outfit maybe designer but its certainly not from this decade.  Who would do lace overlay mini dresses with an unflattering cut and sleeves that highlight big arms?  Sorry lady, you are a lovely woman but this outfit does not suit your figure at all.  Burn it!  As for Akshay, he needs to ask wifey Twinkle to get off her arse and give him some fashion direction.  Dontcha think?

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7 thoughts on “What’s Off?

  1. Hahahaha – you are SO wicked BB. Anyway, Akshay’s style has slipped because Twinkle is up the duff again and is probably enjoying an excuse to laze around!

    And I LOVE Sonakshi – she’s a big beautiful girl – but you’re right, this dress is hideous on her. Makes her look like a lace-covered wardrobe!!


  2. but i think sonakshi looks good in t LBD with lace..!!! dnt yea reme our very own Kate middleton flaunted it once..!!!


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