Lovely to see pretty Preity again on the scene, and this time in a very girl avatar.  The skirt’s cute and fun, the belt all the more so.  You like?

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6 thoughts on “Girly!

  1. I like the skirt, but the vest is not really suiting on her… But the other garments are really great! And the belt is really cool, I like this type of funny accessories 🙂


  2. So good to see her back! BFP, I just noticed that bollywood style spotting doesn’t blog anymore…I loved her blog–found it through yours… so sad it isn’t around 😦


  3. Hi Neha, yeah that’s unfortunate 😦 It gets discouraging sometimes when you feel that not many are reading so who knows, maybe she felt she wasn’t getting many hits. Or maybe life overtook. Or hopefully, she’s just planning a bigger and better launch 🙂


  4. My OWN experience of blogging is that it takes up FAR more time than expected!!! Since I started MY blog it seems that my whole mornings are consumed with the thing! So maybe that was it.


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