This or That

Does your style mimic Sameera’s or does it veer more towards Priyanka’s?  The former seems to be mixing it up with various avatars but seems to stick to longer silhouettes.  As for the latter, we know how she loves her minis to show off her gams.  Neither is bad and in this instance, Sameera’s looks a little shapeless actually, but I can’t help but liking it more than Priyanka’s.  So my style I think veers more towards Sameera’s but perhaps yours is a little bit of this and a little bit of that?  On an aside, doesn’t Shahid have anything other than button ups and the same tired ol’ jeans?  Pretty boy, a pretty smile will only get you so far (ok, it’ll get you very far) but still…change it up love!  Men in Bollywood need stylists too.

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